Inside:”Why President Museveni Refused To Launch Toyota Motors,Detail”

While commissioning factories in Namanve Industrial Park last week, President Museveni wa  not convinced enough to commission Toyota Motors Uganda Ltd claiming they did not qualify to be an industry yet.

President Museveni who had been touring and commissioning other industries lined up for including; Orion transformers, Alfasan limited, Steel and Tubes industries, Interior Technologies and Luuka Plastics when he reached Toyota Motors and rejected the offer.

The president had been earlier been informed that he would be commissioning six industries.

However on arrival at the Toyota Motors’ Headquarters, the President was told it employs 230 staff. The Managing Director Mahmood Omar said that the company was committed to serving Uganda in all its transport needs.

A disinterested Museveni would later insist that the facility is only a ware house/ Show room and would only commission it if they were assembling cars there.

President Museveni who was given a visitor’s book to sign, however opened an entire page where he wrote; ‘Assemble the vehicles here’, before matching out.

Addressing manufactures who gathered at Luuka plastics complex later, Museveni said as far as he is concerned he had commissioned five (5) industries, because Toyota Uganda is “just a warehouse for cars”

“The Japanese are our friends and they have supported us, but I want them to start assembling cars here,” he added.

“Industry is one of the sectors that will spur the development of Uganda and economically liberate our people. For instance, this park so far offers direct employment to 3000 people.  Therefore, to support local industries, I have already directed that Government departments must buy what is produced here. Officials who do not implement this will be dealt with for being an obstacle our progress.”

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