“Iryn Namubiru is cursed “– Bad Black Attacks Musician, lashes on Buganda Prince for Boat accident Tragedy

Faded city Socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black has come out to express her pain for the loss of many people in the recent Lake Victoria accident.

However Bad Black has concentrated her anger and chosen to advise Musician Iryn Namubiru to go to the nearest church for blessings because she is cursed.

In a social media Bad Black has lashed Namubiru to an extent where she dub’s  that Namubiru is cursed, “Namubiru is cursed, she should go home and relax. The day she went on the boat we lost Chuck. Help me tell her Irene Namubiru that she should relax and go in church for blessings.”


Bad Black also never sat back after attacking Namubiru but further attacked Buganda’s Prince David Wasajja, “I wish my Chuck made it instead of those stone age me. ‘Punami’ will kill Wasajja, some of those slay queens are like periods, they go everywhere as if they are mtn network, Monday to Monday (they are) clubbing. They get married in club but can’t settle.”

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