ISO boss Kaka Arrests City Tycoon And owner of Namaganda plaza, MM plaza, Jumbo Arcade and Zai plaza As Muhangi Property Row Escalates


No Nonsense ISO boss Kaka arrests City Tycoon Young AkA Mansur Matovu owner of Namaganda plaza, MM plaza, Jumbo Arcade and Zai plaza.

The City Tycoon had closed all the above building regardless of the fact that Ugandan Tenants had fully paid up his rent. His motive to close his buildings was to force government withdraw it’s interest in protecting The Late Muhangi’s family. His illegal acts have caused the suffering of Ugandan Traders doing business around Kampala.

It’s should be remembered that the Supreme Court ruled in favour of Muhangi, Drake Lubega a relative to Young rushed to the president to seek his intervention, the president then asked to meet Muhangi but before this meeting took place Muhangi put condition that included compensation of 130 billion shillings. Drake Lubega then hired an instant killing mosquito that quickly pronounced dead to Muhangi, don’t argue witchcraft is real.

General Museveni who was well aware of Muhangi’s position then ordered Drake Lubega to compensate the family first before he would make his move. For you information Museveni knows about witchcraft and it’s power ask General Kayihura if you think am lying.


The arrogant rich family decided to close their buildings leaving government no option.

Kaka swung into action and arrested the Tycoon for economic sabotage and abuse of power. It appears Matovu has learnt nothing from the Grace Birungi arrest by Kaka he doesn’t compromise.

Meanwhile it’s appears Kaka is coming back for Grace Simpson Birungi Of Movit Products, new available information indicates that a couple of officials who I can’t mention now we’re compromised, more of this story will follow soon.,Just hit the like button below and share .


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