“IT WAS THE DEVIL”: Brutal Woman Speaks After Killing Her Daughter By Removing Her Private Parts

Kira Road Police yesterday arrested Harriet Nakalema, a 32-year-old maid for allegedly murdering her one and half year old daughter by removing her private parts, uterus and intestines.

Nakalema brutally killed he daughter Vivian Nalunga on Monday 29th October 2018 morning with the help of a house mate Annet Mwagale (42).

After killing Nalunga, Nakalema together with Mwagale rushed the deceased to Mulago Casuality Hospital where the doctors first confirmed the baby had died due to heavy bleeding.

When the postmortem report was done, the baby’s body was found with missing private parts, uterus and intestines. The hospital management quckly involved the area police in which the crime was committed leading to the arrest of Harriet Nakalema.

A case was opened up at Mulago Causality Police Post vide SD: REF. 06/29/10/2018.

Some of the suspects

Upon searching at Nakalema’s home, police detectives recovered intestines suspected to be belonging to the deceased fitted into the kitchen sink, bucket and clothes soaked with blood, the private parts and uterus were missing.

When questioned about what had happened to the little girl, Nakalema told police that it was the devil that had cut her daughter into pieces.

However, the suspect later apologised to her neighbors and police detectives revealing that she had been assisted by a one Annet Mwagale who was at that time on the run.

Through the intensified search of her accomplices, Kira Road Police was able to track down and arrest Annet Mwagale and her mother Annet Mulindwa (68) who had gone back to erase any possible evidence at the scene of crime.

Upon questioning Annet Mwagale told the investigators that Nakalema had been paid by their sister Rwensisi Angella who now lives in Canada to send her fresh body parts of a young baby for ritual purposes.

Mwagale told police that they had used a pair of scissors to chop off the private parts of a young baby girl.

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