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Judith Babirye: I Fled Uganda Because Sebulime’s Wives Wanted To Poison Me

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Judith Babirye Gives Birth to a Baby Boy
Judith Babirye choking Mr. Paul Musoke Sebulime with love on their wedding day June last year

The heavily-pregnant Buikwe Woman MP Judith Babirye has spoken clarifying on circumstances under she developed a strange sickness warranting her to leave Uganda relocating to Boston Massachusetts where she currently lives. Weekend media reports about her failed marriage to fellow Buikwe MP Paul Musoke Sebulime went viral prompting Ugandans living in the Boston neighborhood where she currently lives to reach out to her inquiring what exactly was going on.

Sources close to the Boston situation say that Babirye confirmed to close confidantes in Boston that all wasn’t well between her and Sebulime anymore and defended herself against claims that she is the one personally cursed when it comes to marriage issues. She told them this time round she was more than determined to make sure it works out but was let down by circumstances. And what are these circumstances? At the time of choosing to move in with him, the understanding was that Sebulime would part with his past including totally collapsing all the links he ever had with his previous ex-wives and mothers of his children. Babirye (who because of the Ugandan state generosity and permissiveness doesn’t have to be in Uganda or do any work to continue earning her emoluments as MP) tells her Boston friends that Sebulime wasn’t successful in keeping his word.

Consequently, the ex-wives continuing claiming him to be theirs too strictly demanding to continue sharing him with MP Babirye, something the gospel singer couldn’t emotionally withstand. As we reported in our earlier story, a hysterical Babirye kept getting unwell warranting her travel abroad for better management of the situation. The Parliamentary cash (for which one doesn’t have to do much work) can be a windfall but not exactly so with a chronically-indebted celebrity Judith Babirye is used to being year in year out.

This explains why close Boston friends maintained in multiple interviews that “she is these days severely grassing like never before leaving many wondering what she has been MP for.” It wasn’t readily clear who the creditors continuing to attach her Parliamentary salary are in the current circumstances.

Judith Babirye choking Mr. Paul Musoke Sebulime with love on their wedding day June last year

“She has lived here in Boston Massachusetts since April when she first came ostensibly to stage gospel musical shows in the different churches which ended and she still didn’t move even an inch,” said a reliable Boston-based source that is privy to everything around Babirye in her current predicament. She has since been advised by some close friends to submit her papers seeking asylum in case she has no plans returning back home soon. In fact, unconfirmed reports indicate that the asylum-solicitation papers have already been submitted awaiting hearing as part of the approval process.

In Boston, Babirye lives with a gospel artiste called Kamoga who is one supporting her materially and, because she is seven months pregnant (most likely with Sebulime’s child), there is a huge possibility Babirye might deliver her child in the US rendering it the instant US citizenship. One of the reasons being advanced to justify asylum-solicitation is that home back home in Uganda is no longer safe for the very unpopular Buikwe Woman MP because one of the Sebulime ex-wives previously attempted to poison her and still harbors those intentions. The only condition to reunite with Sebulime is for him to become hostile and publicly denounce the ex-wives who have continued to claim entitlement to conjugal rights with him. Babirye’s prolonged absence and failure to continue consummating the marriage could constitute what in divorce proceedings is called desertion on which court can base to grant divorce dissolving the marriage in case Sebulime becomes sufficiently aggrieved and applies for it.


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