Kagame Reportedly Pays off 250 Million to MP Anna Adeke To Influence Parliament Resolution On Rwanda Saga

Kagame Pays off 250 million shillings to MP Anna Adeke to facilitate a move to pass a resolution that Parliament should investigate the arrest of Rwandese in Uganda and allegations that Uganda supports RNC.

I recall that Rwandese Refugees petitioned Parliament over the kidnaps and murders committed by Rwanda’s Directorate of Military Intelligence, Adeke then was not activated to defend Rwanda so Parliament never responded to this petition instead the petitioners were intimidated and arrested by Kayihura Police.

Now that the same Adeke has been activated by Rwanda as a new force she will next week go through the concept with other MPs to gather support for a motion that is likely to be presented by someone else under her pay. This motion has already been drafted.

It’s should be remembered that during general Kayihura regime as IGP he had put a list of MPs on his payroll, it was completely difficult to have a positive debate against general Kayihura in Parliament. Adeke like many other MPs greedy for money is using this opportunity to earn something from Kagame who issues money like paper to any Ugandan who can push his agenda.

Unfortunately for Adeke she can spend the rest of her time as MP in Luzira on espionage charges.

Country should come first, we must be worried these goons are paying a lot to influence everything.

The Author is Titus Seruga, +ISPD Diplomacy Expert,Brussels Belgium.

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