Kagame Sends More Fleets of RDF troops into DRC to neutralize Banyamulenge and RNC

Reports reaching our desk from the DRC-Burundi border plains confirms that heavily armed fleets of Rwandan soldiers estimated to be more than 700 in number, a battalion, have been seen crossing from Rwanda to Democratic Republic of Congo  at a place called Ruzizi.
To those who know that place, it is found towards south Kivu along DRC-Burundi border which is north of Kamanyola and their crossing point was a junction found in that place, and using the murram road they headed to Uvira.
It was earlier reported that the first deployment of soldiers boarded military vehicles which were waiting for them at Uvira (the same route reported to have been used in the latest deployment) and drove along Uvira-Baraka road and at around 8:00am in the morning of Friday they off loaded some at Nakiyeli and others at Mugatunguru (Atungulu) .
Sources in south Kivu indicate that the soldiers passing through the hills were headed to Mulenge and by the evening hours they could be clearly seen on the hills of Kwirumba, Biziba and Gahwera.
It is now apparent that the soldiers want to destroy what is called General Kayumba Nyamwasa’s garrisons which have been reported by different newspapers and repeated by UN reports.
Kigali’s newspapers have been reporting that the Banyamulenge rebel leader Gumino is suspected to be the one harbouring soldiers of Kayumba Nyamwasa.
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As a result of this manoeuvre by Rwandan forces, it is reported that there has been fighting in Mulenge, the home of Banyamulenge after a long period of calmness in South Kivu, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo to hunt down rebels seeking to overthrow the government of President Kagame, it has emerged.


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