Kagame Sends More Rwandan Reinforcement Troops Along The Border Amid continued defiance and heavy Tensions

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The Rwandan government yesterday evening sent more of its soldiers for deployment along the border with Uganda – further raising already strained diplomatic tensions between the two countries as witnessed yesterday’s eve when Rwandan and Ugandan presidents uttered fierce statements indicating that all are capable to handle any threat.

Locals who happen to ilegally cross in and out of Uganda in search for food and water while speaking in fear narrated that they witnessed movements of several Rwandan army Jeafang trucks carrying soldiers to the border points in the night. The armed personnel and equipment seems to be Kagame’s show of defiance and as an additional force to the earlier deployment that was seen visible in the hills at Mukaniga, Byumba and Buganza although Rwanda refuted the reports earlier on .

Rwandan security officer cited around one of the hills near the border

Residents in Kisoro who conduct business in the late night hours also confirmed that they witnessed some unusual activity on the other side of the border involving trucks assumed to be belonging to the Rwandan government in the wee hours of 10:55Pm.

Rwandan officers in a test operation

Rwanda and Uganda once fought a deadly battle on foreign soil in Kisangani in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in June 2000.

Rwanda’s deployment signals an escalation of the diplomatic hostility between the two countries which has been ongoing for the last two years.

Since Wednesday last week, Rwanda blocked Ugandan trucks and buses from crossing into or out of Rwanda. Initially, the official reason given was that Rwanda was upgrading its one stop border post at Gatuna border and advised drivers to use Chanika border post as an alternative.


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