Gen.Kayihura’s Babe releases fire to Mzee Sabiti as she is fired from Police

Kayihura’s bummy concubine SSP Susan Kasingye the assumed to be most beautiful babe in the police force who was forced to dump her husband in Ntinda in favour for former police chief Kale Kayihura is now on heavy mouth gun fire with the new police boss deputy IGP brigadier Muzeeyi SABIITI.

According to insider sources at the Police head quarters,Kasingye with her lack of academic papers and police school training recommendations, Kayihura had attached her to the IGP’s office to cool his jealousy and burning desires over this babe crowning her with free instant heavy ranks of SSP.

Now the new Deputy IGP brigadier Muzeeyi Sabiiti a museveni special forces loyalist appointed by Museveni to clean up the police force of Kayihura’s mess and goons maintains that he had ordered all of Kayihura’s informal police officers to be striped off their police properties, guns, vehicles and salaries an operation which left this Kayihura’s babe without a penny, not even a police car, gun, salary, house and bodyguard, with Muzeeyi ordering her to present her authentic qualifications if she really has them an order she has failed comply with.

Susan however has responded with lashing fire over Sabiti’s action “ DEPUTY IGP MUZEEYI SABIITI, GO TO HELL, YOU CAN’T FIRE ME FROM THE POLICE FORCE “..Susan was quoted



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