Leaked:”How Kayihura visited and lied to his criminal colleagues that they are about to be released and be driven to Rwakitura for a meeting with Museveni”

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Highly prolific reports have it that General Kayihura after his release lied to his criminal colleagues that they are about to be released and be driven to Rwakitura for a meeting with Museveni. Over my dead body will museveni ever meet Nickson, Kitata and Muhangi.

Sometime back the criminal general and double agent was allowed to visit his team being held in Makindye Military Barrack, this was before he reported to the Court Martial for the second time. General Kayihura informed his colleagues with whom they organized Crime on behalf of Rwanda to destabilize Uganda for the sole purpose of taking over control of affairs of Uganda in a chaotic way.

Highly classified intelligence reports suggest that a coup had been organized. General Kayihura had recruited heavily from Kisoro region, a specific group of Bafumbira whose origin is Tutsi, they had joined the Police and given ranks and positions at all sensitive districts.

The seemingly smart General further used his office and influence the setup Crime preventers at all districts this force of locals had not less than 2,000 youths at every district enough to cause trouble putting in mind that they reported to the Police officers loyal to the General. To make matters worse a full container of AK47 guns disappeared in thin air, this left General Museveni no option but start an investigation quietly.

The planned attack was supposed to start in phases;

1. Causing insecurity in villages by use of Bejambiya guys (this happened in Central region) the idea was that once you get Baganda annoyed and frustrated then you easily have their attention.

2. Causing Insecurity by creating fear to women, surprising to many they don’t know why these killings are no more after the arrest of Muhangi, Kitata and Kayihura. Why were these killings targeting families of the poor and local women?

3. Create political frustration and discomfort to opposition leaders, many of you are aware of KK’s tactics, am sure Many see BOBI moving around freely to some extent, at least he is not treated like Besigye was treated by Kayihura those days. Yes BOBI may not be free to hold some of his shows for some political reasons with police claiming he politicizes his shows, this is a case for another day. During KK regime Besigye was detained in his house for months without legal reasons, this unnecessary creation of political tensions are not good for our security and economy hence it was in the interest of the outside force.

4. Criminal groups targeting investors, this was meant to create a sense of fear for investors in Uganda, about five foreign investors died in Uganda in a period of two months, postmortem reports all indicated heart attacks, one wonders why reports down by Dr. Moses Byarugaba come out with the same results, why aren’t these foreigners dying anymore? All these criminals groups are linked to Kale in fact he gave them protection.

5. Shooting of Islamic Leaders, this started way back, there is a logical theory to this, why were only leaders against rebellion killed, who was/ is sponsoring ADF? Why were all those that got amnesty arrested by the same police that was willing to release those that returned back into rebellion. Those who know will tell you that The leader of ADF speaks to only a few people and that he had a UK passport and that Another country rather than UK wanted to force TZ to hand over time to them.

The above and more gives reason why Rwanda and Uganda are quietly in a Cold War, much as it’s too early to predict if Uganda will restrain from attacking Rwanda I can confirm that a rebel group in Congo is ready to Attack Boarders of Uganda, this group has the backing of Rwanda and their leaders have breakfast in Kigali.

General Kayihura further informed his friends that he had spoken directly with General Museveni and agreed to drop all charges against him and other officers of the former police regime.

In a related classified info I have just received shows that one of Kayihura most trusted agent ACP Muhangi Is in very bad medical condition, he is suffering from AIDs and had stayed long off or without medication having previously refused to inform doctors of this condition. The army is waiting for clearance from The President to release him so that he doesn’t die in custody. It appears these guys had this planned that if they ever get arrested they will stay off drugs and force the army to release them on medical grounds, this is exactly the same trick Kayihura used. When a person taking ARVs gets off drugs for only two weeks their condition is likely going to worsen.

Meanwhile there will be no dropping of any charge against General Kayihura as the media paid by Rwanda had previously published, the President is not in the mood especially after intelligence report indicate that Rwanda is in advanced stages of attacking Uganda through Congo, actually more arrests of Kawukumi are taking place as I write this.

Another intelligence Report has details of an attack on the Presidential Convoy aimed at raising tension and creating a state of emergency. Those who have seen the convoy lately do you see any security changes?

Lastly we give you a quick listen to Kayihura’s audio recording that has been under extreme investigation on relation to the murder of Late Afande Kaweesi, listen to the audio here

We break the news at the Informant wait and see what happens.

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