Luzira Prison closes it’s gates as Basalirwa,Namboze and Erias Lukwago try to access Bobi wine

Luzira prison security personnel have closed all the prison’s gates on sight of delegates that had gone to visit MP Bobi wine claiming that a person needs a special clearance from the Commissioner General of Prisons to visit Hon Kyagulanyi.

A group comprising of Betty Bakaleke, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Allan sewanyana, Asuman Basarilwa and Ssegirinya wanted to check on people power president on how his first night was and whether he had been subjected to any torture.

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When they  rang Commissioner General Bashaija he told them he is in Agago and that they try Commissioner Mwanje.

When Mwanje was contacted he  referred them to the Regional Prisons commander whose names couldn’t be established.

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At Luziira main gate issues to do with visiting Hon.Kyagulanyi are specifically handled by one Kuyangana Jackson who is introduced as the OC Special Safety Unit (SSU).


The powerful Kuyangana arrogantly told the delegation that he is under instruction not to allow anyone to access Prisoner Kyagulanyi because of his (Kyagulanyi) security.

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It doesn’t matter to these Officers that today is a visitor’s day at Luziira and other Prisoners are receiving their guests.

Remember tomorrow is a public holiday, so  Hon. Kyagulanyi will only get to see his lawyer and friends on Thursday when they bring him back to court.


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