Martha Kay finally unveils city tycoon chewing her unpulled resources

When N#de pics of Uganda celebrities leak, some get low and loose everything while as others just end up flying high and now Martha Kay has paraded off her man.

By the time Martha Kay N#des leaked, she was single and has broken up with her boyfriend but snoops have spotted her with another man we are here to unveil for you.

The camera snoops spotted Martha Kay catching a first class flight on Fly Emirates with a man known as Izaah Mosh on social media, who also happened to be a very good friend to city tycoon Haruna aka Ham.

Izaah Mosh is not only Ham’s close friend but also the Managing Director at HAM INTERNATIONAL UK LTD.  he also resides in Manchester, United Kingdom and this is probably where Martha was flown to.

We are yet to know for how long these two have been dating and b0nking and Blizz Uganda will unveil more when our investigative team is done with research.

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