Men:”10 Types Of Women you should not date in 2019″

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Social media addict
There’s nothing wrong with having some social media presence – after all, it’s a good platform to promote your business and a way to keep in touch with your friends. But it’s not normal when women (or man for that matter) are more focused on their social media lives than on real ones. Some women get addicted to that fake sense of approval they get from social media and even when they start relationship they focus more on posting photos to Instagram than getting to know their partner. It’s a big no-no for guys.

This type of woman is truly scary because she is overbearing, likes to control literally everything, always knows better (which can even be true), and will make any man she dates feel miserable by the end of their relationship. Which, of course, will end pretty soon as it is impossible to live under such pressure. She will always tell her man that he is wrong and will try to show him the way to the better future.

Yet there are women who use their sexuality to lure guys in. These women usually look stunning, exude sensuality, take great care of themselves to look beautiful, but are quite rotten inside. Her true nature will definitely reveal itself and she’ll start using sex as leverage to get what she wants.

Gold digger
We can all agree that gold diggers are the worst. They may appear charming, loving, and caring, but they are only after men’s money and nothing else. It may be hard to tell if the woman is a gold digger at first sight, but as times goes by some red flags begin to pop out. Such women always rely on a man’s pocket when it comes to paying tabs and they take it for granted. They try to lure guys into a more expensive lifestyle and make them spend more money in order to be together with them. Naturally, guys hate those kinds of women and we can easily understand why.

There’s nothing wrong in being intelligent, in fact, men adore well-versed women who are smart and can voice their own opinion. Yet there’s a thin line here that, when crossed, leads to devastating consequences. Some women are so focused on their intellectual prowess that they will fight until first blood to prove their point. Being intellectually superior to most of their peers, they think it gives them the right to be verbally abusive and sometimes even aggressive. And who would like to date a woman that turns into an angry Amazon warrior every time you don’t agree about something?

Drama queen
Drama queens are emotionally unstable and don’t really know how to be happy – both on their own and with another person. Their addiction to drama makes them a ticking bomb just waiting to go off. If they’re not starting an argument, they will participate in someone else’s. They are constantly hating someone and are being overly dramatic about the smallest mishaps. Men usually see the red flags for this type of behaviour long before they get in too deep with these women.

Spoiled Brat
Just like small children, some women don’t take ‘no’ for an answer and can throw a tantrum if something doesn’t go their way. They are selfish, lacking compassion, and most of the time behave like a child who has been spoiled despite being an adult. Her parents are probably to blame for this, but there’s nothing a guy can do to make it better. See, people only change when they want it themselves

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