More Security Reinforcement Given to Kayihura As He’s Hunted For Leaking Kagame’s Secrets


As Uganda’s economic and political war with Rwanda seem to climax every moment it remains unpredictable of what follows next as the border blockade and Rwanda Defence Forces Deployment at the border continues. A country like Uganda bases its development of the political environment, security and general desire to invest.

As the saying goes what goes around comes around detailed info has leaked regarding of how Rwandan President and his top counterparts worked with former police chief Gen.Kale Kayihura and are said to have funded the then ailing insecurity in the central Uganda region to allow growth of Rwanda’s tourism industry and its on investment and vice versa scaring away investors and tourists from Uganda.

In Uganda Moslems were killed on streets in seemingly the same way as high profile people were, investigation show the then IGP Kayihura’s involvement in these assassinations suspects like Mujurizi, Nixon Minana have been traced back to Kayihura, this has negatively affected the economy as its a habit of investors to speculate.

At Kayihura’s helm as IGP there was a wave of insecurity in the central region (greater Masaka), arrests made indicated that the criminals had been recruited by police again another Kayihura involvement. The death of businessmen in Kampala the number looks small and isolated but intelligence has argued that 10 billionaires dying is not good for the economy.

Crane Bank’s downfall, the bank that had been strong despite of the mismanagement but since the opening of the Rwandan branch it allowed Kagame to put conditions on the Rwandan side that couldn’t enable The Owner (Shudir) to return his investment capital to bail himself out in Uganda as it was required by BOU, although this was not planned it worked to their advantage to fail the economy hence lowering its capacity to attract investment.

What was Kagame’s interest in all this?

The Senior general as I will refer to him is a smart gentleman, he wants and wanted his country to grow faster than its growing now, this was only to happen if Rwanda was seen as that best investment destination, Kagame further hired international advertising agencies to do the work but on ground the comparison to Uganda was to look real.

The Senior general wanted to have Kigali as the Brussels of East Africa, honestly speaking he succeeded with the help of his then Partner Kayihura in Kampala.

The agreement made between Kagame and Kayihura was that he ( Kayihura) was meant to become proxy president of Uganda, this initially sounded like a joke when it reached to Mzee Museveni’s and political observer’s ears but further investigations have proved us wrong, the Senior General had positioned Kayihura to take over in case of any eventuality, you know what I mean?

What would be Kayihura’s interest in Killing Moslem Leaders?

This has been a question by many who believe Kayihura was working under orders from Museveni. Until recently I thought so, on the contrary Museveni has bought off more opponents than executing them, these Moslems who gave up the fight are no Longer threat to Museveni anymore they were never in the first place, these are people whose cause can be accommodated and Uganda has been doing something in fact some of them were recruited into the army and intelligence (ISO).

Killing Moslems was only a motive to annoy the people with the aim that they would restart a rebellion in Uganda, for any news of a rebellion Rwanda was to benefit because it was to take the investment opportunities, The Senior General(Kagame) had given investors protection of their money and property, he had and has given then a heaven on earth which Uganda was not providing for even the smallest local investor.

To cut the long story short after Mzee Museveni smelt something fishy he immediately ordered for the arrest of Kayihura who was coordinating Kigali planned activities in the western Uganda region.There hence general Kayihura was arrested and detained on several charges, After finding it hard to stay in prison just after his three month detention ,Kayihura is reported to have striked an intelligence leak deal with Mzee Museveni and in return this would call for his final release from the Makindye Millitary Barracks where he was detained.

A former insider at Kayihura’s camp revealed to this website that Kayihura was forced to trade Kagame’s deadly and evil plans for his freedom.

“Kayihura is now guarded more than Donald trump, after he betrayed the Rwandan junta.. In exchange for his freedom, he “spilled” some Kagame secrets of plotting against M7. What we see now is the result of the decision by Museveni to take pre-emptive attack on Kagame, using exiled Rwandans, which the Rwandese foiled.I must add that the Rwandan revealed only part of the plot and gave Kayihura some fake extra details fearing that he could be forced to reveal them in case of arrest, something that happened in the end ” A confidential source states.


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