Mpuuga fires back at Mao for thinking he owns opposition

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Norbert Mao has been at the centre of controversy in recent weeks after launching a full-blown attack on the opposition party, the National Unity Platform (NUP).

In a recent appearance on a popular political talk show, “The Front Line,” Mao likened himself to being Uganda’s version of WikiLeaks, given the fact that he was publishing clandestine and damaging information about the opposition.

The Leader of Opposition in Parliament and NUP stalwart Mathias Mpuuga made an appearance of NBS today morning to address various ongoing political issues with the subject of Mao being key among them.

 After his appearance on the show, he took to his personal Twitter account and officially aired some of the sentiments he expressed on the show.

He seemed to be taking subtle jibes at Democratic Party (DP) president Norbert Mao in a tweet, “And these are individuals who are wiseacres, thinking they own opposition both within and outside parliament.”

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Mpuuga further went on to agree that there is a need for the opposition to iron out their differences but did not withhold his jabs for the naysayers, saying that if they have a problem with the NUP opposition problem, then it is clearly their problem.

“The desire to meet as opposition albeit our differences cannot be contested. There are individuals who thought they were patrons of opposition and with patronizing tendencies. If there are individuals who believe we are less deserving to lead, that is their problem,” he tweeted.

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He personally addressed his grudge with Norbert Mao in a discussion with NBS journalist Simon Kaggwa Njala calling the altercations personal and having nothing to do with the Democratic Party.

“On @nbstv this morning, @SimonKaggwaNjal asked me about @norbertmao’s recent statements. My take is that; The altercations are personal and wouldn’t decipher it to DP. I have known the person of Norbert Mao and for a while, and for the person I know, there are no surprises,” he responded.

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