MTN-Mafias Crack Down:”ISO and Army Hunt Down MTN Employees selling call data to Rwanda”


Titus Seruga the author of this post, MTN’s Deported Senoier Staff

MTN’s Elza Muzollini the General Manager Mobile Money has been deported.

This follows a deliberate failure by MTN to curb the use of Mobile Money as means of payment to elements involved in Kidnaping Refugees mostly connected to Rwanda.

Elza Muzollini is an Italian National who has been working in Uganda as an expatriate, evidence collected indicate that theses activities where known to her, it has also been proved that money has been cleared to go through Mobile Money platform with the knowledge of only officials like her.

MTN’s Anthony Katamba the current MTN Head of Legal and also former acting CEO during the time of the MTN Raid last year is under probe.

It has been proved that MTN Uganda chief executive, Wim Vanhelleputte has been summoned by Police to explain the alleged involvement of two Senior Managers of the telecom company, in actions considered subversive to Uganda.

A reliable source told this website that Wim was summoned to appear at the Police Special Investigations Unit in Kireka, to aid investigations.

Another Senior official of MTN Uganda, Anthony Katamba, the General Manager of Corporate Services has also been summoned to write a statement in relation with the the two employees accused of engaging in activities that compromised Uganda’s national security. Katamba doubles at MTN’s chief legal counsel.

Last year Titus Seruga a high diplomatic expert exposed this high profile and power executive(Katamaba) for being a Kawukumi. Katamba speaks very good Luganda and has a Baganda name just like The late Andrew Flexi Kaweesi, in Reality he is not a muganda, he has the freedom to prove me wrong, this shouldn’t be a problem just like we have many Ugandans of Rwandese Origin. The problem is when you are contracted by Rwanda to share information that is considered sensitive on the Ugandan Side.

MTN CEO and Katamba have reportedly been summoned to police to register statements

There is evidence that Customer information has been shared on orders of high profile executives without clearance from customers. Ismail Baguma a known Rwandan operative has on many occasions got classified phone records and locations from MTN.

Katamba and the current MTN CEO have been summoned to Police to make statements on the two employees already deported. This isn’t Kayihura’s regime where MTN security could arrest and hold anyone with impunity nowadays they too can be investigated.

But let me ask since when did foreigners join MTN Uganda, we used to have only the CEO and maybe COO and CMO but now even general managers are foreigners. As if that isn’t enough they are working for Rwanda.

Another big scandal is about to come out as top intelligence houses are working strongly to uproot the Kawukumi from the lead Telecommunications agent but its not appropriate to publish what is National Task . its just a hint.

However as the process goes on latest info on our news desk indicates that,MTN Uganda employees  have been proved to be involved in editing call data records for criminals, this was extracted from a confession by a suspect and former flying squad officer ASP Kasiba Moses during interrogation, the suspect confessed of delivering 3 million shilling to a senior employee from ACP Muhangi the former flying squad boss.

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The call data business was first done by Nixon after being introduced to an MTN employee by Kayihura. This story will be here as soon as the employee is arrested.

How Deported Rwandan Used her Position to surveil targeted Politicians,record their calls in-order to to destabilize Security



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