“MTN Nyege Nyege is cancelled, Let foreigners not come to Uganda for sex.”- Minister Lokodo

The Minister for Ethics and Integrity, Rev Fr Simon Lokodo has confirmed the cancelling of the annual MTN Nyege Nyege festival that was due Thursday September 6 to Sunday September 9.

Lokodo insists that the festival is full of open sex, noise, homosexuality and allowing it happen risks compromising the national integrity and puts citizens at risk of deviant sexual immorality.

The minister also claims that three- day festival is covered by alcohol and music, drugs, toxicants which are not accepted by this country.

“There will be nudity and sexuality done at any time of the hour. There will be open sex. The very name of the festival is provocative. It means “sex, sex” or urge for sex. We have been informed it’s taking place near Owen Fall’s dam. This brings uncertainty and fear,” he said.

“Let foreigners not come to Uganda for sex. If you are coming for sexual reasons worse still homosexuality and LGBT, stay away. On that basis, MTN Nyege Nyege is cancelled,” he added.

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