Muhammad Nsereko Speaks out on unfair ban of targeted Betting Companies

Dear comrades,

I am not a big fun of sports betting. I know it has some many disadvantages but am also not a supporter of injustice and unfair treatment of businesses.

This started with musicians this week and now it is slowly moving to sports Betting.

Qn1. Why is close only sports Betting and accept casinos to operate? Is this because casinos most of which are allegedly co-owned by government officials are no longer making profit? Why discriminate, why not close all Gambling houses including casinos.

Qn2.why let people borrow money and invest for long term and then you close down their businesses all of a sudden? Many have paid rent for over 5 years, employed people on contracts lasting over 5 years and even acquired loans of over 10 years in order to invest in this business? Incase these companies sue government for loss of business, who then foots the cost, Aren’t they tax payers?

Qn3. Sports betting is done all over many countries and there is online sports betting, How will you stop the people from gambling online? We are now living in a Global village. A person can bet from Uganda with odds provided in Kenya or Germany and thereafter be paid through mobile wallet. What will the failure to license sports betting cure?


Qn4 Don’t you think the best way of regulation is through increasing of taxes and regulating betting hours from say 6pm to 9pm?
Can’t we also have a limit for instance of how much an individual can stake ? In Germany it’s not beyond 1000 euros, Uganda we can put the cap at 10,000 shillings.

Qn5. The biggest problem I have been informed are the fake slot machines on the market that have been spread by so called investors deep in the villages already adulterated, reason, No proper certification of these counterfeit machines that are used for cheating. Can this misinformed government draw a difference between fake slot machines and sports betting?

Qn6. If the problem is unemployment and redundancy as you so state? Who is responsible for setting up job centers that will track all those that are employable but unemployed? I implore this government to resort to reason other than might in solving problems.

In the nutshell, whereas a m not a fun of any form of gambling, am against unfair and discriminative treatment of persons or businesses and am more pro development solutions not impulsive decisions of some elements in government bent towards building monopolies and scaring away potential investors. If you want to ban gambling, then ban all Gambling businesses, don’t discriminate.


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