Museveni fires all Arua security chiefs over recent campaign fracas & Violence


Museveni: “The Regional and District Police Commanders, who should have anticipated the actions of these groups, since they had done the same in Jinja East and Bugiri, have been suspended. The DISO has also been removed,”.

Museveni’s statement has blown off the lid on the unexpected transfer of Arua DPC Superintendent of Police Abas Ssenyonjo only hours to the polls.


swiftly the president\s words went into action in a mini- reshuffle involving only three officers and communicated by AIGP Moses Balimwoyo, the police director in charge of human resource, SP Ssenyonjo was transferred to Masaka before being replaced by Superintendent of Police Henry Kintu who had been in Masaka by then.

However Hours later the West Nile Region RPC Jonathan Musinguzi was also secretly transferred from Arua to unknown destination.

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However, the president has praised security forces for handling the chaos meticulously and saved a number of people who could have died if it had been messed up.

“If you do not see these as problems, then you are a fascist,”Museveni said in hi statement.

“The Security forces must be commended because they saved mass deaths by dispersing these misguided people without using rifle fire, considering the fact that many of them were not equipped for anti- riot duties notwithstanding.”


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Museveni however said he is personally investigating the circumstances which Kawuma and the people admitted in hospitals got injured in the fracas.

The president insisted that Kyagulanyi and Wadri are directly responsible for the chaos and its outcome.

“To show the bad faith of Bobi Wine and Zaake, they were changing hotels- from Hotel Royale to Pacific Hotel etc. Why were they hiding?”


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He added, “Kassiano Wadri, on the other hand, who should not have been in the company of such violent people, did not change residences and did not engage in hand to hand combat with security forces, from the reports I got. “

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