Museveni: I have not refused to retire; Ugandans still want me

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President Museveni has said he is still offering himself to stand as a presidential candidate because Ugandans still want him around to help solve some of the problems facing the country and region at large.

Museveni made the remarks on Monday afternoon as he launched the NRM manifesto for 2021-2026 at Speke Resort Hotel, Munyonyo.

“Some people have been saying Museveni has refused to retire. It is not that I don’t want to retire or that I don’t have where to retire but one of the reasons is that if Ugandans still want us to participate, I will continue making myself available,”Museveni said.

Museveni has for a number of years emphasized the federation of the East African region and on Monday, as he launched the new manifesto, he underscored the same.

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According to the East African Community Treaty, a political federation is the fourth and highest form of integration.

The NRM presidential flag bearer on Monday said he has always insisted on the East African federation because the countries share similar cultures and languages which make it easy for cohesion among the political units.

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“It is these similarities and linkages that the African revolutionaries should use to crystalize powerful Federations that can ensure the future of Africa. You find those similarities and linkages, in Southern Africa, West Africa, the Horn of Africa, North Africa, the Mahgreb among others,”Museveni said.

“In the case of East Africa, we have the additional advantage of Swahili, which is a neutral dialect that belongs to no tribe. A very powerful African State can be built around these similarities, involving the whole of East Africa, Congo and maybe Zambia and Malawi. This would be a very powerful and cohesive State of 2.2 sq. miles.”

The President however said he doesn’t agree with people who front the idea of tribes other than their countries, noting that these are enemies of development.

“Stop confusing Ugandans with tribes and religion. When you start talking about tribes, you are an enemy. Tribes will not help us get prosperity, we need to talk about East Africa and Africa.”

Museveni noted that since 1986, Uganda’s economy has recovered and expanded to create more jobs, raise taxes, support defence, health, education, and infrastructure sectors.

“Hence, Uganda is now unstoppable. Even without including the Oil in the kibaro, Uganda is on the verge of becoming a middle-income country.”

“If it was not for Covid, it would have been $ 920. To become a lower-middle-income country, you need $ 1,039 per capita. With this enhanced tax collection, even though we are still collecting 12% of GDP in tax while others go up to 18%, we shall solve even the question of poverty among the 19% of our people still below the poverty line and also the problem of the 68% of our homesteads that are still engaged in subsistence farming.”

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