Museveni :”I think there is Mess inside State House,I Didn’t Recieve Kadaga’s Letter

During a recent parliamentary session,Deputy Speaker Oulanya poured out the soup out the pot concerning the letter that was recently written to the President over Arua fracas,brutal arrests and torture of the arrested group in Arua Town.

“It was on Thursday morning that the President called me and he was looking for the letter, he had not seen it.  I told him to ask his people to print it, since it is all over the internet,” Hon Oulanya said to the Parliamentary Session Members that afternoon.

Also according to former president Museveni Press secretary Tamale Miruni wondered how inactive and seriousness the current occupying his former position was.Here he goes in his own words.

“The orientation to know, because if you are politically active, you would know that the letter from the Speaker must be attended to immediately. The Speaker is one of the pillars of the state. Does the principal private secretary to Museveni understand this? Or she thinks it was just any other letter?


There should be orientation. In State House. Be told the do’s and don’ts, be told these things by a person who has been there before. But state house people are picked from anywhere and dumped there” Mirundi wondered.

However in little message send out Mr.Museveni has quoted out that there seems to be mess around the state house staff handling such matters as the letter did not reach his desk.

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