Museveni to Opponents:”I Run Uganda Like I Run My Own Family”

While attending to NRM Liberation day celebrations in Tororo district,President Yoweri Museveni called on his critics to always make serious arguments when confronting him, and to put into consideration the difficult choices that he has to make.

Museveni said Saturday that he runs the country in the same way he runs his family by always telling Ugandans the truth of what is possible.

“I run Uganda as if I was running my own family,” the president said in Tororo, during the celebrations to mark 33 years of the NRM government.

“I always tell my children the truth. I cannot plan carefully for my family and then plan carelessly for the rest of Uganda.”

Museveni was speaking in light of the enormous amount of money that government spends annually on the education sector, particularly the free education programs.

If all this money was channeled to other development programs, Museveni said, government would have accomplished much more.

According to the president, government currently spends up to 1.8 trillion shillings every year on PLE.


This he said is enough to construction four Kampala – Masaka Roads.

“If the other money of UPE was to be used on roads, We’d build 10 roads like the Kampala Masaka Roads in one year. …We’d be able to pay all the veterans and other things like the Lango and Teso cattle compensation. But what about these children?”

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Museveni, who was speaking shortly after the Education Minister had launched a Universal Primary Education pictorial book, said when political opponents come out to critique him, they should put all such government decisions into consideration.


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