Museveni,Ochola in Jubilation As Fresh Evidence quashes People Power Allegations On Zigy Wine Death

The Inspector General of Police and President of the republic of Uganda seem to be enjoying taunting People Power pressure group with each account of evidence they produce to counter Bobi Wine and his supporters’ narrative regarding the death of musician Michael Kalinda, alias Ziggy Wine.

In the latest effort by police, they have paraded their officer ASP Hellen Butoto whom a litany of people power supporters claimed was the witness planted by the force as the victim in the accident that allegedly claimed Ziggy Wine.

Bobi Wine supporters claimed that Loy Atworo a teacher at Happy Amy Academy who had told NBS TV of her involvement in the same accident was only a planted police officer who would later be identified by them as Butoto.

Butoto would later deny the allegations and told the public to treat them with contempt. Police was prompted to put Butoto and Atworo together in one place to prove to critics that the two are not the same people.

In a Facebook post later, police took a swipe at people power supporters and Bobi Wine in a cheeky caption.

‘1-0 Some people said the victim of Zigy Wyne produced was ASP Hellen Butoto. Both are here.’

The government had already called for an apology from its own newspaper, New Vision and the People Power pressure group for reportedly misleading the public.

Presidential Press Secretary, Don Wanyama also lambasted Bobi Wine for lying about Ziggy Wine in order to obtain political capital. He called upon the legislator to apologise to the nation.

“The decent thing for Bobi Wine at this point would be to admit his lies and apologise to Ugandans and President Museveni whom he has already accused of “murdering” Ziggy Wine. But that might be expecting too much from a junior politician who has chosen lies, drama and character assassination as the foundation of his leadership. The big question though is; how far will this charade spur him?” he said.

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