NGO Murder: CMI Arrests Man In CCTV Footage and two others

The Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and Uganda Police have arrested three key suspects in the recent double kidnapping of Maria Nagirinya Gateni, the Assistant Project Manager at CIDI an NGO based in Muyenga and her driver, Kitayimbwa Ronald.

The duo were kidnapped over a week ago at Nagirinya’s gate in Lungujja Busega Community Zone at around 11pm. The abductors then drove them in Nagirinya’s own car to an unknown destination before killing and dumping their bodies in Nakitukuli, Mukono district.

While addressing journalists at the Police headquarters in Naguru on Monday, Police spokesperson, CP Fred Enanga said security agencies, based on intelligence, carried out a raid in Natete on Sunday, leading to the arrest of three prime suspects.

The suspects, Police say, include the man seen in the images recently released by Police that were captured by CCTV cameras. The images show a male figure in the driver’s seat in Nagirinya’s vehicle.

“We arrested three prime suspects from the hideout, including the one seen in the CCTV images wearing a read jacket and driving the vehicle of Nagirinya Maria,” Enanga said, adding that the investigating teams have exhibited the clothes which they found with suspects.

“We are trying to interrogate them further to find out how they targeted Nagirinya Maria and Kitayimbwa Ronald and also get a timeline of events from the point of kidnap to how they moved with these two victims up to Mukono where they dumped their lifeless bodies,” explained Enanga.

The number of people arrested in connection with this murder now comes to six. Three were apprehended last week and other seven individuals are in custody for attempting to obstruct the arrest of one of the initial three suspects.


“We want to assure the family and all Ugandans that we have the right suspects,” said the Police spokesperson.

He says based on further intelligence and advanced surveillance mechanisms, security was able to arrest the three suspected killers who have already provided vital preliminary information aiding the investigations.

According to Enanga, among the exhibits recovered while conducting the arrest on Sunday is the SimCard belonging to the male victim (Kitayimbwa) and a red jacket assumed to be the one in which the suspect (in CCTV images) was dressed.

“The suspects are being processed for DNA comparisons to match the samples we got in the car together with the fingerprints which we lifted from the car since the suspect was driving with bare hands and seen in the images,” Enanga said.

Enanga applauded the joint security teams that worked tirelessly to ensure that the suspected murderers are arrested and promised that a detailed statement into the murder will be availed in the due course


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