Ngora political race heats up as academic guru John Omugur declares to unseat Abala

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As the youthful Leaders glow sweeps across the country, its now evident that the 2021 political war is going to be dominated by youthful aspirants as the Chairperson of the Entrepreneurship league NRM, Ngora District declares to return incumbent Abala back to mingling kalo at village burials.

Being evidently tired of old guards with the same boring and usual agenda, it has emerged that, Ngora County will be the first constituency in East Teso to witness the fiercest political tsunami of the modern century. Millennialism is now taking over.

Among the Youthful political maestros who have swallowed the ‘axe’ and ready to ‘do’ or ‘die’ for Ngora County, is the self-styled academic guru, John Omugur of Teso Progressive Academy -TEPA.

This intelligent ‘brief boy’ from Kococwa village,Kobwin sub-county,Ngora district, currently guides Teso Progressive Academy as Executive Director. He also has made a name in championing the same school in academics and sports performance.

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Fronted by the young generation and teaching fraternity county who feel under represented and feel their own is better placed to represent.

Having spent 12 Years in the teaching fraternity in the disadivantaged part of teso, he has gotten to understand the social fraternity in Ngora where the name Omugur is a brand and anyone’s first meeting with him will shock you.

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While in the University he studied with the likes of Kibaalya Moris MP for Butambala, Karuhanga Julius (Speaker) 2005- 2006, Hon. Mudiobole (Iganga).

This very boy is also a revered academician with a truck record. Those that studied at Teso Integrated Secondary School know him as a fierce and determined leader!.According to info obtained from insider sources at TEPA, Omugur has been fronted by Ngora ‘Young generation’ to tussle it out with incumbent David Abala.

This ‘angry’ generation, according to sources in the know, is bitter at the manner in which Abala is ‘wrongly’ representing them in the August house.
The case in point, is the Whattsapp Group Chat dubbed ‘LIVE CHAT NEWS FEED’ which featured Abala with a soupy babe doing ‘Nyangilo’ theatrics!.

Members of the said group were a few months back, treated to a mouthwatering nude photo posted by MP Abala of a chocolate skinned babe with round glooming eyes flashing her pair of well pointed boobs with her tits standing like they were ready for a steamy duel.
The picture went viral on social media.

This was Abala’s first contribution on this Whattsap group, thus raising suspicion that, the motor-mouthed MP from East Teso (Ngora) was possibly sending the nude photo to a colleague before it incidentally landed on a Whattsapp group. Abala would later deny, blaming it on his political enemies.

Its therefore, against this background, that the youthful academic guru John Omugur has been fronted. He has been baptized and his social media fraternity calls him the promise, Abala’s antidot…among others.

When our snoops contacted Omugur at his office for the response to the rumour, the outspoken Obama look-alike and ever tacked Somali look- alike star smiled had his say

“I have come to be an exemplary leader but not a politician who will blindfold the community through offering handouts like school fees, plates and money. “The biggest part the leaders should play is to influence the way people think not giving them handouts. The challenge today is we don’t have leaders, we have dealers, people who end up spreading information that spoils the community like speaking of free education discouraging the community from paying fees in schools and yet the community knows that our children need meals, uniforms, etc” -Omugur retaliated.

“Our leaders have denied our people the real and beneficial ideas. If i would make people understand, Instead of running up taking people to Kampala, why not create institutions here like Teso Progressive Academy,Bukedea Comprehensive Academy such that even when you cease to be a politician you will have done a life-long benefiting development for the community.”

“The Society needs to be made aware  that they need leaders not politicians,Ngora needs  Engoratonit, a person looking to the position of an Mp not as a source of employment but rather a chance to uplift the status and well-being of the voters, a person who is self reliant” Omugur adds.

Citing his areas of interest, the guru further retaliates that development strategies should come as the first priority and should be designed according to society demand, creating something that the common people can derive a living and development citing an example of lending schemes that encourages hard work.

He concluded, “We are creating strategies that don’t work for people, where did people ever complain that they failed to buy plates??. We need to  understand the general community problem” he further adds.”
Over to you – David Abala!

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