NRM Chairman, Hajji Abdul KIYIMBA  arrested on President  Museveni’s Orders

Hajj Abdul Kiyimba, the Nsangi Sub-county chairman, has been arrested by CMI operatives in connection with machete attacks in Greater Masaka region that have claimed a number of lives and left many injured in the last two years.

The President is said to have ordered Kiyimba’s arrest last week after he was allegedly implicated by many suspects for masterminding the attacks in the five districts that make up Greater Masaka. The attacks have puzzled security agencies.

Kiyimba, who is also the national police and community coordinator, is said to be currently held at Makindye Military Barracks where his friend and former boss Gen Kale Kayihura is currently being held alongside other police officers

Undisclosed source reveals that  claim that Hajj Kiyimba lied that he had flown to America yet, he was hiding at Hajj Kigongo’s hotel in Maya until Haj Kigongo called Mr Museveni pleading for forgiveness. Mr Museveni ordered immediate arrest after HajKiggongo’s phone call.


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