“Our Brother Has Sold Everything To Be Released But Nothing Has Changed”- Kitatta’s Relatives Cry Out

The relatives of Rubaga NRM Chairperson and boda boda 2010 patron Al- Hajji Abudallah Kitatta have vowed not return to court after the general court martial rejected his bail application for the second time this morning.

Kitata’s sister Safina Birungi said that they have wasted a lot of time in court but no justice has been served. “Kitata served this government with loyalty, he worked for Gen. Kale Kayihura, why is he being treated this way,” Birungi wondered.

She further added that they won’t waste time coming back to court: “Today we have witnessed that there is no rule of law here. We presented six grounds that were so clear but if they want him to rot in Jail let it be.

President Museveni, we have quit NRM today, take everything you want, the office, the cars and even the house, don’t pretend that you love us. Kitata believed in this government and fought hard to crash every opposition force that came against you and this is how you have repaid him!” Birungi asked.

Birungi revealed that they have sold everything to have their brother released.
Hajji Abdallah Kitatta had given the Makindye based court six grounds why he should be given bail.
Among them included: Any person has a right to apply for bail as mandated by the constitution, he is very sick and the detention facility where he was remanded cannot treat his illness, he is a family man and their Sole bread winner. He presented substantial sureties and promised to abide by all the terms of the bail.

However, all these were crashed by the court chair Lt. Gen. Andrew Gutti who said that the applicant was a prominent and influential NRM chairman, a leader in Uganda Taxi and cyclist association and there is a possibility that once released, he will interfere with evidence.

Gutti added that the charges against the applicant are serious and he did not present any proof that he was sick and that he can’t be treated in the facility where his was remanded. On these grounds, the military court denied him bail. This was the second time his bail application was rejected.

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