Pastor arrested for reportedly practicing witchcraft and faking healing prayers

Police have arrested a pastor for allegedly practicing witchcraft.

Mr Emmanuel Ogwang, 27, a resident of Kakoge ‘C’ village in Ojwina Division in Lira Municipality is attached to Life Line Ministry in Lira town.

He was detained at Teboke Police Post in Chegere Sub-county in Apac District where he had gone to conduct healing prayers.

It is alleged that Mr Ogwang, on Wednesday went to conduct a healing prayer at the home of Mr Antonio Opio, in Ilee ‘B’ Village, Chegere Sub County, Apac District.

However, on reaching the home, he reportedly went to a nearby house and buried fake fetishes which were wrapped in black polythene bags, in two spots.

According to Mr George Omwa,  a member of Mr Opio’s family, after leading a short prayer, Mr Ogwang asked for a hoe, hand gloves and water which he wanted to use to dig the charms out of the ground.



His trick, however, failed because one of the family members who saw him burying the fake witchcraft, exposed him.

“After realising that he is a fake pastor and a fraudster, we demanded a refund of Shs1.4 million which we had paid for his service. But since he had no money, we arrested him and took him to police”, Mr Omwa told our reporter on Saturday.

Mr Kenneth Kolo, the Officer in-Charge of Teboke Police post said Mr Ogwang confessed having fooled the family members with charms and requested to settle the matter by refunding the money.

Mr Kolo said police preferred charges of getting money by false pretence against him.

“We released him on Friday when he opted to settle the case with the complainant after refunding Shs550,000 out of the total amount which he received,” Mr Kolo said.


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