Pastor Bujingo apologizes for letting family issues out as church collections and followers increase

Makerere based House of Prayer Ministries church’s senior pastor Aloysius Bujingo has finally come out and issued a public apology for letting out his family affairs to the public.

Bujingo while preaching to hundreds of his followers said his actions  and behavior over the past week didn’t match and reflect the values of the (foster) family which raised him, or his own parents’.

Today’s afternoon Bujingo openly came out and asked for forgiveness from the public and mostly the church fraternity for his unfriendly behavior and actions in the past week.

“I grew up in a family of married people. My father and mother too were married,” he said.

“In such pastoralist families, they usually had old sticks, which they kept not for rearing cows, but to take care of children and wives.

“But my (foster) mother Mrs. Bereta, I never heard her once talking about this among our neighbors.


“Therefore, for my foster family and my parents, both of which families I respect a lot, I will decide to respect my family as well.

“I want to apologize to the nation. God raised me from the dung hill. He who brought my name from there, I will not do anything that will tarnish the name he gave me.”

“I also apologize to the men and women who are tuning in and those who are here, who suffered through last week having to hear my a name over and over.”

Bujingo however retaliated that for the sake of his family he has now chosen to stay silent on any developments in his marriage and family affairs.

He further boasted of amassive increase in the number of followers and church collections indicating that for the last one week the church has collected and estimated sum of 32 million.


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