Pastor Bujingo Attacks Minister Lokodo,Vows to spill his dirty secrets and money deals

While preaching to his usual Canaan land congregation,Pastor Bujingo has taken time and hit back at Minister of Ethics and Integrity Father Simon Lokodo for trying to involve himself in his embattled marriage.

Bujingo  indicates that whats disturbing father Lokodo is the money deal that he sabotaged on the registration of born again churches in which Lokodo was supposedly going to get huge chunks of money from the government coffers for the programme.

He further retaliates that Father Lokodo should not poke his nose into his marital problems  but rather leave it to him to deal with the saga.”Lokodo should leave my family issues alone, if he has any issue with his family let him come with his wife and they attend counselling”.

Its well known that in the catholic church fathers are not allowed to marry but Bujingo seems to have instead staged a mockery against the later minister.

“Lokodo hates me because i failed his money deal with other pastors in which they wanted to destroy the born again churches through the registration programme, mind him he should go slowly because i have a lot of secrets about him including what happened to him in Kalangala that i have kept quite with for along time”. Bujingo adds


Bujingo warned Lokodo with a bonus song themed ‘amaanyi tolina nga wesiba ku bintu’ amidst a lot of cheers from the Canaan crowd.

However when minister Lokodo was contacted on phone he urged that he doesn’t like arguing with people who don’t have respect for themselves inciting that he[Bujingo] should be exemplary and be doing things that his followers are going to learn from but not divorcing a 29 year old marriage for non-knowledgeable issues.

This is a developing story….SHARING IS CARING


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