Pastor Bujingo: I survived a staged gun attack at Canaan land on Sunday

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of House Prayer Ministries International on Tuesday 7 broke the apology he made to his family and church last Sunday 5 when he promised to keep respect and silence. In new move, the prominent city pastor said that he was ambushed with gun men on Sunday, May 5 however; the good lord he serves protected him.

It is remembered that his wife Ms. Teddy Bugingo who had taken long without praying from their church (HPI), attended the service on a fateful day.

Speaking on Salt FM on Tuesday evening, Mr. Bugingo asserted that his intelligence confirmed that there was an unusual situation and they were so suspicious but God calmed the condition.

He said the force behind Teddy sent her with a plan of firing bullets causing commotion a situation that would drive the government to close his church. “This plan failed because by the time they reached at church, I was not on the pulpit,” he added.

Ms. Bugingo said “Security operatives and intelligence had already known about the plan of shooting at me that is why I kept in my car in the parking lot for a long time”

Last Sunday Pr. Bugingo apologized to the nation for all that is happening in his marriage saying, “I apologize to the men and women who are tuning in and those who are here, who suffered through last week having to hear my name over and over.”

Pr. Bugingo said for the sake of his both born and unborn children, he’ll not do or say anything that will hurt them in future.

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“I have kids, some of them unknown to you, and I am still producing more. And to all those children, in school or unborn, I want to assure you that if I was able to be silent for all those years, from today, I will not say another word that will hurt the future of my own children, my future in-laws, and my grandchildren.”

Pr. Bugingo’s family wrangles began late April when he shocked followers that his wife, Teddy Naluswa Bugingo and his elder daughter are in a move to steal church land.

However, Ms. Bugingo denied the accusation saying that her husband has for long tried to wreck their 29-year-old marriage and replacing her with another woman.

In an interview with media, Ms. Bugingo said that the husband threatened that if she denies him a divorce, he [Bugingo] will tarnish her reputation in all ways possible.

It’s also rumoured that Mr. Bugingo has built a multi-million mansion for his alleged new wife Ms. Susan Makula Nantaba who happens to be one of his workers.


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