Photos:”Minister David Bahati Erects Palace In Kabale,Residents Left Shocked!!”

Kabale Municipality residents are still left in shock as they see youthful State Minister of Finance for Planning, Hon David Bahati erect and complete a palace like residence estimated in billions of shillings in less than a year.

The multi-billion house encompasses a large compound that is surrounded by a raised wall fence yet to be complemented with electric fence according information our reporter was able to land on while at the locality.

With its rooftop covered with clay tiles, the palatial structure sits on an acre of land and is secured with a brick wall fence.

Bahati Presenting at Parliament

The house is surrounded by towering trees, providing the occupants a relaxing fresh breathe of air and comfort. Bahati’s friends see it as a perfect antidote for the hectic city life.


Bahati who represents Ndorwa West as Member of Parliament was  on 1 March 2015 appointed State Minister For Finance In Planning in a cabinet reshuffle and has since then accumulated overwhelming wealth in just 3 years.

Before joining politics, Bahati was a successful businessman


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