Planning for a Safari in the East African Countries? Here Are 5 Things You Need to Know

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Are you planning on visiting Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya or Rwanda?  Before you do so, you need to know a few essential things to have a fun and safe safari in any of these countries.  

East Africa is an affluent area for any nature or safari lover with much more to offer locals and international visitors.

But before you take off from your country, you need to know a little about the culture of these people, activities to do in these countries, where to stay, travel requirements, and any other necessary, safe tip you need when visiting any new destination.  

Let’s dive right in

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  • When is the Best Time to Visit East Africa? 


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The beauty of East Africa is that you can visit any of these countries any time of the year.

For adventurous game safaris – the best time to visit the parks is during the dry season.  The parks are accessible in this weather, and the animals are roaming freely, looking for food or having a drink at the river or watering holes.  In the dry season, you won’t have to deal with muddy splats and heavy boots.  

January to March, June to September are the best months for a safari in Uganda Parks.  The Gorilla trekking in Mgahinga Forest is best done between March to May.  The season is a little cool from the hot sun favouring your trekking journey.

January to March and July to October are the best months to visit Kenya’s parks which coincides with the Great Migration of Wildebeest and zebras.  The rainy seasons in Kenya are good to visit, as the roads are in favourable condition and few visitors.

Tanzania’s best time to visit is from July to October.  This time the country is at its driest, with the grasses and bushes at their least dense.  However, all the parks offer incredible wildlife sightings all year round.

The best time to visit Rwanda is during the short and longer dry seasons – December to February and June to September.   

You can check the weather in advance before travelling to any of these countries to ensure it’s the kind that will make your trip enjoyable.


  • What Vaccinations and Tests Do You Need?


When travelling to East Africa, you need vaccination against yellow fever.  Without the yellow fever certificate, you cannot obtain a visa.  It is advisable to get vaccinations for Hepatitis A, B, DPT, and Malaria too.

During these Covid-19 pandemic times, you will need a negative PCR test within 72 hours to be presented on arrival.  Even if you are vaccinated, you will still require the negative PCR test.   

You will need to carry enough masks to wear when visiting these countries because mask-wearing is officially mandatory. 

At the end of your safari, when leaving East Africa, you will be required to do a PCR test to allow you to exit.  The tests are readily available in the bigger cities at an affordable cost.  Allow at least 24 hours to have your covid-19 results available from the time of taking the samples. 


  • Is it Safe to Travel to East Africa?


Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda are all generally safe countries with low crime rates.  As usual, be on the lookout as no country is 100% secure without any minor crimes here and there. 

While in the big cities, exercise caution – don’t just remove your iPhone in public too much; it can be snatched without warning.  Also, avoid travelling by road outside major cities at night.  

Always get the latest travel information before travelling to necessitate any updates you may need to know.  In general, don’t throw all caution to the wind; stay sensitive to your surroundings.


  • What Are the Road Conditions in These Countries?


Generally, there are many kilometres of good roads in each of these countries.  In addition, the governments are working to ensure the road infrastructure is growing as fast as they can.  

That said, Uganda has some of the poorest roads that can be very challenging to use during the heavy rains season.

Most tour companies opt to use four-wheel-drive Land cruisers for safaris so they can tackle the off-road like a champion.  To get an update on the condition of the roads, you can contact your tour company and ask them about your preferred route.  


  • Is There Wi-Fi Connection in East Africa?


There is Wi-Fi connectivity in East Africa, and it’s getting better each day as more people recognise its importance.  Rwanda and Kenya lead the pack with the best connectivity, while Uganda and Tanzania follow.  

Most lodges offer free Wi-Fi connections in the main areas.  However, it might not be the usual speed you are used to in your own country.  It may be slower than expected.


As you plan your safari, we hope these travel tips are helpful.  Should you have more questions or specific concerns about your safari, you can enquire from your preferred tour company before starting your journey. 

This list has not covered all the questions one might have; we leave room for communication to your preferred tour company to answer any specific questions you may have. Have yourself a fulfilling safari, won’t you?

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