Police arrests two for stealing Holy Wine, Holy water from Church

As it may be normal to be hungry it will be another case to steal from the house of the Lord Almighty as you may end up in lake of fire or in a customized police cell.


This one comes far from the North Eastern Uganda region in the District of Kaboong,Karamoja where Police is currently holding two men accused of stealing Wine, Holy Water and several other items from the house of worship “Uganda Martyrs Church” in Kaboong Town council.


Security authorities have been able to identify the suspects as Francis Lochoro and Paul Ngelecha, both residents of Nakadelio village in Kapilan Bar Kaabong town Council. The two were arrested on Tuesday following a complaint from the church management about the disappearance of several church property.


Ploce reports that the duo forcefully broke into the Church on October 15th, 2018 and ran  away with wine, holy water, long mats, and generator among other electronic appliances.

However on  a bad note for the two, Lord Almighty God shined his light upon the victims who ended up disagreeing at a local drinking joint hence leading to information leakage.

Kaabong District police Commander Godfrey Acirya says the two have been charged with burglary and theft. They will be produced in courts of law when investigations are complete.

However as the Bible teaches us to practice Mercy information coming through indicates that Haadaile Losilo, the Catechist of the Church is ready to pardon the suspects if they confess and ask for forgiveness since some of the stolen property was recovered from the suspects.

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