Police discover 2 active bombs in Luweero

Police in Luweero have recovered two grenades which are suspected to have been abandoned during the National Resistance Army war, in a discovery that has evoked fear that the area is not free of war materials.

One of the tortoise grenades was discovered on Wednesday evening at Wabitunda -Lukooge village in Katikamu sub county and Wanfuufu village in Kamira sub county all in Luweero district.

Steven Kabogoza, the Vice Chairman of Wabitunda-Lukooge village says that the grenade was recovered by a resident Teopista Najjuma who had gone to transplant a banana plant on a piece of land belonging to his brother in-law Robert Ssemwanga.

Kabogoza explains that Najjuma picked the grenade and transferred  it to another place before she alerted a Parish Internal Security Officer, Julius Owor to call the local Police.

Kabogoza however noted that they were just lucky that the grenade didn’t explode because even kids earlier on touched them and tried to look for men buying scrap to sell them.

Teopista Najjuma admitted touching the grenade and says at first she wanted to throw them in the bushes but was cautioned by residents who were worried that someone may step on it and it explodes.

Another bomb at Wanfuufu village in Kamira sub county was also recovered in a garden by resident who was digging.


Rebecca Ayeta, the Acting Luweero District Police commander says that Police responded quickly and called in Police Anti-Terrorism Unit from Kampala which arrived at the scene shortly.

Ayeta explains that the bomb at Wabitunda-Lukooge village was detonated at the scene last night whereas that of Wanfuufu was transferred to Kampala for disposal.

Ayeta says the grenades were old and suspects that they could have been left by NRA fighters during the war of 1981 -1986 that ushered in President Yoweri Museveni in power.

The recovery of the active grenades has created fear that the area is not free from weapons that were used during the bush war.

In same parish at Kaswa village years ago, children landed on a Rocket Propelled Grenade while attempting to rescue a dog that had fallen in an abandoned toilet pit. The five feet long and four-inch-long explosive was believed to have been left behind during the 1981-1986 National Resistance Army bush war.

Police in Luweero also recovered six guns which were believed to have been abandoned by NRA fighters.


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