President Museveni orders URA to track all phone calls

President Yoweri Museveni while appearing at the closing ceremony of the 1st Science Model Workshop organized by the Uganda Revenue Authority at Speke Resort Munyonyo yesterday afternoon ordered Uganda Revenue Authority to start tracking all local and international phone calls in the country so as to effectively tax telecom companies.

President Yoweri Museveni made the call for the tax body to implement phon call tapping because he believes too much money is lost due to under declaration by telecom companies. “When you ask a telecom operator how many calls have been made on their network, instead of 5 billion, they will only declare 3 billion. Financial papers are not enough, you need to monitor all phone calls electronically” the president said.

The workshop which started on Tuesday November 19th and ended today 23rd was under the theme; “The evolution of science in tax administration.


He further added and called for the purchase and installation of electronic scanners at all country borders. The president advised that the scanners should be linked to a central system that could allow even state house access to whatever is entering.


He wondered how the tax authority determines with their eyes products in big trucks. He says such scanners should be able to see through heavy trailers as even weigh bridges are not enough.


Mr. Museveni who also promised to help URA do overhead of buildings in Kampala to determine how much tax each landlord should pay, since most of them are playing tricks and under declaring rental money.

The president said he was happy to be a part of what he termed as mini anti-slavery conference, explaining that tax administration is a form of liberation. He added that Africa is borrowing and begging too much instead of helping one another. “This borrowing and begging must stop. It is too expensive to borrow, because you have to use that money to serve its purpose and also pay an interest. African countries are now acknowledged beggars. It is embarrassing” the president told delegates.

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