Proof Video :”How the Fake Eggs Are Being Made After Hitting The Ugandan Market”

After Police cautioned the public against the fake eggs that have hit the urban Ugandan market mostly Kampala, a video has surfaced over the internet showing the whole process of how the eggs are being made by the Chinese group that has been on the run by the Uganda Police Force.

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Yesterday Our desk published a cautionary story concerning the sale of this fake eggs.

How to recognize fake eggs 
In 2011, a Chinese newspaper in Shandong Province, Qilu Evening News, asked Yi Junpeng, assistant professor for biological engineering at Henan University of Science and Technology, for advice on how to identify fake eggs at market stalls. Yi warned of eggs that are too perfectly shaped and smooth. “They have an unnatural unblemished shells which are also slightly harder and shinier than real eggs.

Real eggs have a faint smell which fake eggs lack. Tapping a fake egg makes a hollower sound than a real egg. Once cracked open, egg white and yolk would quickly mix,” he said.


He also said fake eggs yolk appears more yellow and has chalaze, which is the white string that holds the yolk. In fake eggs, the egg yolk and egg white tend to mix almost instantaneously when the egg is cracked open, while in genuine eggs, the egg yolk will stay apart from the egg white for a longer time.

It will sound watery when you shake it because the chemicals inside do not solidify together.

“If you break the egg and keep it for some time, the egg white and the yolk will soon mix with one another, since they are essentially made from the same ingredients. “The fake eggs do not stink even if cooked and kept in the open for days, and do not attract ants or flies. When you fry a fake egg, the yolk will be spread without being touched unlike a real egg,” he said.

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