Rema: “I want to go back to school and finish my studies”

Singer Rema Namakula has said she is thinking about going back to school to attain a degree as she greatly regrets ever dropping put of school.

Rema said this during the graduation ceremony of her manager, Solo Kayemba and she revealed that she was supposed to go back to school with him but she refused and now seeing him graduate has made her want to return to school and also finish her studies.

Rema said she had been encouraged by Kayemba years ago to return to school but she pushed the idea away.

“When I was still with Kayemba, he advised me to go to school but I did no think about it then. Now I would be here graduating with him. I surely want to return to school but I am not sure I can sit in class in anymore, I will think about it, It is never too late” Rema said.

Rema dropped out of University when she got pregnant with her first baby and now seeing that she wants to go back and finish should eb an inspiration to many people who look up to her.

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