Remain In Your Current District Stations: President Museveni Orders Reshuffled RDC’s

After countrywide reshuffle of the presidential representatives at the district level. President Museveni has taken step forward to stop the RDC’s from moving on to their new work stations over unknown reasons.

The government has instructed all old Resident District Commissioners, RDCs to remain at their workplaces until the new appointees are given appointment and transfer letters

In a statement issued Yesterday morning, government Spokesperson also Director of Uganda Media Centre, Ofwono Opondo says all RDCs should continue working at their duty stations they have been at.

OO’s statement follows that from the Esther Mbayo, the minister for presidency released on Sunday with the same instructions.

“Following what has been circulating in the social media about appointments and transfers of Resident District Commissioners and Deputy Resident District Commissioners, there has been tension and panic among the RDCs fraternity. As a minister in charge for the presidency, I wish to inform the Resident District Commissioners and Deputy Resident District Commissioners to stay at their work stations and carry out their functions and responsibilities normally” Mbayo’s statement reads.

It is to be remembered that last week, President Yoweri Museveni issued a revised list of RDC appointees after the first one allegedly included dead people and a serving LCV chairman.

These were since replaced with new names in a revised list. It remains unclear, why state house is delaying to let the new appointments take effect as soon as possible, as has been the case in the past.

Both the spokesperson and minister’s letters do not indicate the reason behind such a decision.

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