Rema,Kenzo reportedly set to subject daughter to DNA test as Sebunya is rumoured to be father

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Shocking information which has just reached us indicates that celebrated musicians Eddy Kenzo and Rema Namakula are clashing over the true paternity of their only daughter Amaal Musuuza.


Our desk have learnt that Kenzo is furious because Rema took their daughter to her new lover’s home without his permission.

While all this is going on, Kenzo is even more furious after learning that Rema held a secret Nikah (Islamic Marriage) with her lover Hamza Ssebunya and while at the ceremony they paraded Amaal as their daughter.

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They even posed for pictures with her during and after the marital ceremony. Thereafter Rema took Amaal to Hamza’s home, where they shared a meal with his family members, among them, Rema’s sisters in-law.

Rema and Hamza after tying Nikah

Another thing that hurts Kenzo is that Hamza had been banging Rema’s Messe longer than before he nabbed them.

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Spies reveal that Rema opened up her Messe for Ssebunya (Mr.Holes) several years back, since he is/was her gynaecologist.

He thus got so well acquainted with Rema’s Private parts after examining them for a long time and he decided to takeover servicing them.

Now sources reveal that Hamza even helped Rema conceive, after finding it hard with Kenzo.

It is said that although the love between Rema and Hamza is coming out to the public, the two have been chewing themselves for several years, behind Kenzo’s, until they couldn’t hide their bonking anymore.

They went public by announcing an Introduction ceremony in November this year, to officially launch their bonking.

Now sources close Kenzo reveal that ever since he learnt about Rema and Hamza’s cheating, coupled with her being her gynaecologist, he had no option but to surrender.

However, he is not sure whether he is the actual biological father of Amaal, reason why he wants her taken for DNA, something Rema doesn’t want to hear of.

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