Response to Kagame: Rwandans Run to Uganda Because Museveni is their Spiritual President

When you still boast that you defeated the UPDF three times, you clearly have not had time to digest the affairs of that conflict from a detached point of view. The RPF was a young army, hardly 5 years old. Your numbers were small, you deployed the entire nations artillery for just those skirmishes.

President Museveni had to plead with his commanders not to use a lot of fire power in these engagements to a point where they almost mutinied. If you have had time to get the bigger picture sir, it was not a war between nations. Rather it was a provocation. It was your chance to try to prove to those under you that now you were mature and brilliant and can even take on the UPDF.

That was to satisfy your ego. Let’s think for a moment. Had Uganda too committed all the nations fire power out of ego, focused it on your still young army, what would have happened? You would have a nation without an army. Remember a nations army is commensurate to its population size, with the population in your country at that time hardly 10m, how would you have sustained that war before claiming victory?

What was your economic capacity? No sir, you were handed those “victories” for the sake of the Rwandan people that they should take rest from war and exile and rebuild their nation with peace and security. Had it not been for the benevolence and Pan African spirit of President Museveni, we would be having a Somalia in our backyard. For the sake of a stable nation that should grow and rely on itself, Uganda made those sacrifices. So no sir, be reminded, you have NEVER defeated Uganda militarily and never will. Let not ego blind you.

You swear that Museveni will never be president of Rwanda, but have you asked your self why then, do your citizens keep running away from you to him? Its because though physically he is not their president, spiritually he is. That’s why they run to him for shelter and peace. That’s why all those Eritreans, Sudanese, Ethiopians, Somalis keep running to him and he receives them. Do you know sir, Uganda is host to the biggest population of Congolese outside DRC? Why are they not being arrested? Embrace and pursue the spirit of Pan Africanism.



Given that you like a lot of “modernist thinking”, such a thinking may appear backward and uncivilized to you, but it is what makes us who we are. Its called brotherhood and it can’t be attained by giving flowery speeches or appearing sophisticated. Neither is it something to be read in books…it is something to be lived.

AUTHOR:Joshua Sebahororo

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