Retired Archbishop Stanley Ntagali to pay shs530 million in damages for the alleged adultery case.

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 Retired Church of Uganda Archbishop Stanley Ntagali is  to pay shs530 million in damages for the alleged adultery case.

Ntagali is accused of eloping with Judith Tukamuhabwa, the wife of Rev Christopher Tugumehabwe.

However, in a notice of intension to sue, Rev Tugumehabwe through his lawyers says whereas he was wedded with Tukamuhabwa in December 2018, he has found out that the love affair between his wife and the former Archbishop saw the two sire a child and that he encouraged her to seek for divorce which is against church values.

“It has also come to our client’s knowledge that you encouraged, advised and ensured that our client’s wife petitions for divorce. We have also recently learnt from various media platforms of the fact that you admitted to having committed an offence of adultery with our client’s wife. In addition, we have overwhelming video and audio evidence in proof the same,” the lawyers say.

According to the letter of intention to sue, the recent admission by Ntagali that he eloped with a married woman is evidence enough to pin him in the pending court case and that in order to avoid being taken to court, he ought to pay damages.


Last updated: July 31, 2021 - 8:29 pm (+00:00)

“Your unbecoming, sinful and unlawful conducts have occasioned our client general damages to wit- loss of dignity, marriage break down, stress, trauma, embarrassment, loss of privacy, loss of his job as a lecturer at Bishop Barham University college and minimal chances to rise in the clergy ranks.”

The Church of Uganda Reverend says he wants shs500 million for damages occasioned to him and shs30 million for the costs incurred in the divorce case currently ongoing in court.


Last updated: July 31, 2021 - 8:29 pm (+00:00)

Rev. Tugumehabwe also demands a formal apology from the retired Archbishop of the Church of Uganda for eloping with his wife.

“Should you fail to comply with the above demands made therein within a period of 14 days from the date of receipt of this notice, we leave been given “a green Iight” by our client to drag you to court at your own cost, detriment, further embarrassment, and peril,” the lawyers say.


Last updated: July 31, 2021 - 8:29 pm (+00:00)

The development comes barely a week after Ntagali made a public apology for having an affair with a married woman.

On Thursday, Ntagali publicly asked for forgiveness saying he was tempted by the devil to commit the sin just like any other human being.

“On Christmas Eve 1974, as a young man I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ, and I still love the Lord because he has loved me and I have loved to serve him over the years. Sadly, I fell into sin of adultery and I confessed to the Lord to forgive me and I want the church to forgive me. My brother bishops, all our partners, brothers and sister in the vineyard of the lord, the entire church of Uganda and all our partners all over the world and the family Rev Christopher his wife Judith, the two families please forgive me,”Ntagali said before 36 Bishops at Namirembe Cathedral as the Anglican Church marked 60 years of self-governance.

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