Ruth Nankabirwa Allegedly Returned 30M Meant For Chameleon after Microphone grabbing at Saba Saba Concert

During the concluded Legendary Jose Chameleone’s concert On 7th December, singer Jose Chameleone at one of the moments grabbed away the microphone from government Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa. However latest news from our reporters indicate the Legendary singer missed out an envelope that would have been handed to him after Nankabwirwa’s speech.

Jose’s act caused cheers from the fans who awaited for his gignatic perfomance since he was the main act for the night.His behavior further raised eyebrows from different sections of the public. Many didn’t welcome this   disrespectful act.

Insiders informed us that Chameleone missed out on an opportunity to receive 30m from the state house.Furious Nankabirwa hurriedly took back the cheque that she was meant to handover to Chameleone at the end of her speech.4

In addition, sources revealed to us that his Jinja show was nearly cancelled but was helped by Balaam’s close relationship with the state house.


More info coming indicates that since then, promoter Balaam Barugahara doesn’t see eye to eye with Chameleone



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