Rwanda Minister To Nationals: You’re strongly advised not to travel to Uganda

Rwanda’s advisory that warns its citizens against travelling to Uganda still stands, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has said.

The clarification came after Rwanda announced on Sunday temporary re-opening of Gatuna border for heavy trucks.

In an interview with Rwanda state owned newspaper The New Times on Monday, Richard Sezibera said the Gatuna border with Uganda has re-opened for heavy trucks in order to test facilities at the border following the construction of a one-stop border post, but Rwandans should continue to heed the travel advisory for their own safety.

The minister spoke to this newspaper from Parliamentary Buildings in Kigali, shortly after he met senators for a session focused on explaining the Government’s foreign policy on promoting trade and investment.

“The travel advisory has not changed. The travel advisory says that ‘you are strongly advised not to travel to Uganda’. That hasn’t changed,” he said.

At the beginning of March this year, the Government advised Rwandans not to go to Uganda on allegations that their security was not guaranteed in that country.

Meanwhile, the foreign minister emphasised that Rwanda’s foreign policy on trade and investment will focus more on involving members of the private sector to take advantage of trade opportunities in other countries.

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