Rwanda Rebel Groups FLN,MRCD Speak Out On Sankara’s Capture As They Warn Tourists and Rwandans To Avoid Fighting Areas

Rwandan rebel groups FLN and MRCD have finally come out and expressed their views on the capture of their leaders Maj.Calixte Sankara who is in Rwandan government’s custody.

The FLN & MRCD issued a press release which reads as follows

Fellow Rwandans. Friends of Rwanda.
You have been receiving persistent reports of fighting between the armed wing of the Rwandan Movement for Democratic Change (MRCD) against the government forces led by General Paul Kagarne.

These fighting are taking place around the Southern RWANDA and the nearby districts. You have been hearing about the kidnapping of our charismatic and hero, our leader Major Callixte NSABIMANA Sankara. FLN Spokesperson and second Vice-President of the MRCD, as he was returning from work In the Comoros Islands. T. KM) and MRCD and its friends were able to snatch the first claws of his opponents and assassins of the RPF that had been sent after him.

The MRCD AND FNL coalition Informs Rwandans and International Community that the struggle for our rights continues and that the above Incident can never, under any circumstances, shake our determination struggling against General Paul Kagame.

Our forces are more than ever determined and have redoubled our efforts to liberate the Rwandan people in the near future. As many countries have already reported to their nationals to avoid going to Rwanda we retaliate  to Rwandans and foreigners to stop approaching the areas the fighting.


We would like to remind the International Community and dictator Paul Kagame that FLN soldiers in the hands of Rwanda government are prisoners of war and they must be treated as according to international standards governing war prisoners. MRCD and FLN did not return to RWANDA as tourists.

We came in to fight for our rights and we will never give, they martyrs of the democracy of whom we will perpetuate the memory.

Brussels. April 30. 2019



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