Scorching drought and hunger forcing Amolatar residents to eat termites

Amolatar residents are feeding on termites and mangoes, due to biting hunger as the district grapples with famine.Termites are not a delicacy in the area.

The district chairman Simon Peter Ongom says people in almost all sub counties cannot afford two meals a day, and many are feeding on termites, cooked and raw mangoes as well as eating pigs killed by swine fever.

Ongom adds that as a result of hunger, many children have dropped out of school, girls are being married off so early, yet Lake Kyoga their source of survival for centuries no longer has fish.

The famine is attributed to the long dry spell that has hit the district since last year, causing acute crop failure. The district council has resolved to petition the central government for emergency relief aid to help arrest the situation.

Jonathan Akweteireho, the Amolatar Deputy Resident District Commissioner is blaming the long absence of rains on the massive environmental degradation.

“Amolatar is reaping what it sowed and much more is coming if the environment destruction continues,” Akweteireho said.

Akweteireho says everyone including political leaders at all levels must leave the comfort of their offices and be practical, because the hungry and the dead will not vote for them come 2021.

Quoting the scriptures, in the book of Genesis, where God commanded man to go produce, fill the world and subdue it, Akweteireho noted that it’s an insult to keep praying to God to provide rain, when the same people don’t seem to care about coexistence with other creations.

According to him, about 80percent of the 170,000 people in the district, are threatened by hunger.

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