Security arrests 13 over terrorism and rebel connection

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A joint security task force has arrested 13 people suspected to either be members of terrorist groups or their collaborators.

According to Police spokesperson Fred Enanga, the team actively involved in countering all acts of subversive behavior, conducted three separate operations in Njeru Municipality, in Buikwe district, as well as in Zombo and Kasese districts.

In the operation carried out in Njeru Municipality, 8 men were allegedly involved in subversive activities linked to the ADF rebel group acting in North Eastern DRC.

The suspects were trailed over several months and finally tracked down to their hideout at “The Church of Christ for the Latter-day Saints” in Njeru Municipality.

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These include; Openjuru Howard, a 44-year-old, male adult and resident of Anyong village, Paidha Trading Centre, in Zombo District; Openjuru John, a 72-year-old, male adult and resident of Solia village, Paidha Trading Centre, in Zombo District; Jaker James Michael, a 53-year-old, male Pastor, of The Church of Christ of Latter-day Saints and resident of Butema Cell, Njeru Municipality in Buikwe district; Okwenyi David, a 56-year-old, male adult, and resident of Upper Naava Cell in Njeru Municipality; Oburatum Juventino, a 40-year-old, male adult and resident of Upper Naava Cell, Njeru Municipality; Olinga Simon Peter, a 41-year-old, male adult and resident of Upper Naava Cell, Njeru Municipality, Ngabijalatho Peter, a 25-year-old, male adult and resident of Butema cell, Njeru Municipality and Oweka Bob Patrick, a 30-year-old, male adult and resident of Bujowali cell, Njeru North Division in Buikwe district.

During their arrest, they attempted to destroy their phones, flash disks, national Ids, among other items.

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An additional 3 suspected rebels collaborators were arrested in another operation in Paidha Town Council. The suspects include; Warom Felix aged 32, and resident of Mission village in Oturugang Ward; Mutumba Muhamad, a 37-year-old, bodaboda rider of Jupanyondo village, and Bamusungure Robert, a 47-year-old resident of Goli Trading Centre, in Nebbi district.

Also recovered during the operation, are exhibits of a motor vehicle, registration number, UAV629S, Toyota Premio, and two Bajaj Boxer motorcycles, under registration numbers, UFK162A and UER049F respectively, that are suspected to be the property of the ADF rebel group.

“We wish to add that two suspected Mai-Mai rebels were arrested, in Nyakabingo Cell in Kasese Municipality, by our Joint Security Teams,” said Enanga.

The two suspected Mai-Mai rebels were identified as Bwambale Moses and Byakumbaghere James, who were in the DRC, for more than 10 years, but recently crossed into Uganda, through an illegal entry point at Kithoma.

This brings to 13, the total number of suspects, allegedly involved in subversive activities on Ugandan soil and for their strong linkages to hostile rebel groups of the ADF and Mai-Mai.

They are being detained at SID Kireka, as further operations targeting other suspected rebel collaborators, agents and operatives continue.

“We shall ensure they face the fullest extent of the law for subversion.

We want to assure all Ugandans and visitors in the country, that we have a very robust security presence along all our borders and within the country,” he said.

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