Sheila Gashumba Survives Being Stripped Off By UPDF Soldier For Poor Dressing Pathetic

City Socialite who also doubles as NTV The Beat host, Sheila Gashumba was almost stripped naked by a UPDF officer at Garden city, Kampala over the weekend.The UPDF soldier, who had come to the mall with his boss was not impressed with Sheila Gashumba’s skimpy skirt.


It is alleged by Sheila Gashumba that there was confrontation and he threatened to throw her in jail.


However On grievances of anger Furious Gashumba later posted on her Facebook page, “So this army guy at Garden City, instead of guarding his boss. He is busy telling me what cloths I should wear in Uganda on a Saturday How pathetic!!!


A UPDF soldier walks up to me trying to have a conversation with me, asking me my name and where I work from and because I don’t give him my attention, he starts telling me how he can arrest me for wearing a skirt.Who deployed UPDF to enforce fashion standards???”

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