Sheilah Gashumba In Tears As Boyfriend God’s Plan Disappears For Days

Sheila Gashumba has been head over heels for her boyfriend Ali Lwanga alias God’s Plan.

She often blew her own trumpet only to be cooled down by the emergency of God’s Plan other  woman and children, something that threw her offside.

Exclusive info indicates Sheilah doesn’t want to  become the other woman. She has started heaping pressure on God’s Plan to walk her down the aisle.

A close source to the couple told this website that the Sheilah asked God’s Plan to officially meet her father, Frank Gashumba, however  he deliberately turned down her request.

 “On Sunday night, Sheilah asked Marcus to visit her dad but he refused. She has been asking him when he is planning to  make it official. He later left Sheilah at the apartment alone and spent the night with his friends at Laparonis, a bar located along Parliamentary avenue,” a source narrated. 

An alternative source claims God’s Plan has not yet returned to the apartment where they are staying

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