Shocking:”CCTV Footage Shows Bagyenda carrying Documents out of Office”


The brief footage captured on March 14, 2018 at 6.24 PM appears to confirm that documents were carried out of Bagyenda’s office using the back entrance to the bank. March 14 was a Wednesday.

MPs on the Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) today reviewed the footage relating to the transfer of documents from the office of the former director of Supervision for Commercial banks at Bank of Uganda (BoU), Justine Bagyenda.

Yesterday in a stormy session, Bagyenda conceded that she had taken documents out of the central bank even though she said most of them concerned her consultancy work and not the sale of commercial banks.

Asked wether she had followed security protocols in carrying out the documents, Bagyenda sounded unsure insisting that CCTV footage will help clear the air.

MPs therefore agreed that they review the footage with Bagyenda today to find out the truth. And today they did.

The grainy footage that run for less than five minutes shows a man and a lady that appears to be Bagyenda entering the bank accompanied by another lady presumably her security guard.

The lady then carries out a big polythene bag containing what appears to be documents. Bagyenda then emerges later and enters a vehicle.


Later a man also emerges from Bagyenda’s office, presumably his driver, carrying out a bag containing documents.

From the footage, the documents were not checked by the security personnel and were just whisked away.

In late November when MPs questioned BoU officials about missing inventory reports, fingers were pointed at Bagyenda and others.

Benedict Sekabira, the Director Financial Markets Development Coordination told MPs then that it was only Bagyenda who can reveal where some of the files were.

Suspicion was that Bagyenda picked files when she was fired six months to her retirement.

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